Tuesday, May 29, 2012

8. Just When I Thought I Knew What Was Going to Happen Next

Hey family,

It has been a WILD week. But more on that later. Thank you for the letters....is Bryce really 205 lbs?!!! When did that happen? Man, I gotta hit the gym hard here in the next 59 days or I´m gonna be in trouble.  I´m pretty bummed to hear the Lakers got rocked again in the 2nd round (Although Prez did already tell me haha)....They Lakers need to re-amp their lineup....Deron Williams!! I´m pretty sure that the winner of the Thunder-Spurs series wins it all. As for the package...I still haven’t received it...but I expect it soon no worries [sent in April for his birthday May 20th:( Fortunately, I don’t think Hostess Cupcakes EVER go bad]. I think we´re still 100% on packages making it to me right?


Ok, so as for the week. Our Heavenly Father is soo amazing. We have a tendency to forget just how powerful He is and how many miracles He can work until He blesses you with more. I am reminded of the people in the Book of Mormon that over and over and over again forget about all the blessings of the Lord that they have received. I am reminded of the apostles that thought that they would have nothing to eat because they didn´t bring bread when they had just WITNESSED Christ feeding 5000 people with very little bread at all. And most of all I am reminded of the words of Nephi to his brothers who did not believe that they could be freed from the hands of Laban if they were to enter into the city...How could you doubt??


The Lord blessed us this week. At the beginning of the week we had NOTHING going on in our area. On Tuesday we received a referral for a member´s sister that just moved into the house with them. They had been to church before. But even then, they were not too sure about baptism. We continued teaching them, and prayed continually and on Saturday we fasted for them. They were able to receive an answer and in that moment they KNEW that they needed to be baptized and that it really was the Lord´s will. But there were still obstacles there....the Mom of the family (Marina) is desperate for work and had an interview on Sunday for a job, and the oldest daughter works on Sunday. They simply decided to not go...they decided that the Lord is more important than their jobs and that the Lord will provide if they ^Love Him more that all other things. It was such an amazing experience to see the Lord work that miracle with this very special family.On Sunday the Mom and her 3 daughters were baptized and a lot of members were there in the baptismal service supporting and it was a very special day.


I felt like I had started to forget all the miracles that the Lord has worked in my life, and I started to forget that He can do all things...He reminded me of that this past week.


Now for the crazy part....We had emergency changes!!! Last night at 7 the assistants called me and told me that Elder Perez and I would be changing areas!! So, we said goodbye to the mission leader and his family as well as the Relief Society President and her family (GREAT families) and we got home to pack. I guess what happened is that the Sister Missionaries have been having problems with safety in their area right now, so President decided to have us trade areas...so now the Sisters will be working in Lomas Verdes 2 and Elder Perez and I will be in Parque Via 1 in the zone Camarones (shrimps haha) It is in the city (DF) and don´t worry Mom it is not really that dangerous. Chamapa was WAY more dangerous [GREAT…I suspect those are stories I may not want to hear until #3 son comes home safely from his mission]. So I would like to say that I will be ending here but who knows??? We have changes in 2 weeks and for all I know I could get changes again...so we will just have to wait and see. We got here to our new area this morning and are ready to start working!!


Love you and miss you all.

And this is my joy.

Elder Peacock

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