Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Don’t Talk Badly About the Camel

Hello everyone,


It was great to talk to you guys yesterday. I still am not convinced that I have an accent but whatever. Well see who´s laughing when Dad tries to ask for the check at some restaurant in Cancun. haha. Also, Go Lakers. I am very excited to see you guys again...and next time we talk...there won´t be a time limit!!  Happy Mother’s Day Mom. Can´t believe that I can count on my hands how many weeks I have left now...It is going fast. Pat, send me an email when you get back!! And root for the Lakers for me buddy!!!


So today we had zone conference, I think it was what I needed. I know that the Lord is trying to teach me patience with my new area and today in the zone conference, a lot of the things that we learned, I felt were especially for me and my companion in our area right now. One of the things that I felt like were just for me was a story that President told. There were a couple of Arabs selling camels. One seller said his camel could do it all. He never gets tired, he drinks little water, he will load all the supplies onto his back himself etc. The best of the best. So naturally someone bought the camel.  The next day, the same guy that bought the camel came back to the guy that had sold him the camel and told him that the camel is terrible. All he does is eat and sleep and is basically worthless. The camel seller responded, ¨Don´t talk bad about the camel because then you will never be able to sell it.¨  President then explained that we should never talk bad about our areas because then we will not have the success that we want. So, I repent for talking bad about my area. It´s a great place, and I love it. I´m excited to keep working here.




So as you can see our apartment is pretty nice...let me know what you think. I would like to point out the GIANT window by the shower so everyone can see us shower as well as the ridiculously short showerhead....I have to duck a good foot to be able to wash my hair hahaha [Let’s just say I’m glad he doesn’t have to heat his water with an iron and a bucket.  He said he was excited to have carpet for the first time plus an oven AND a microwave]



[The next part relates to a friend of his from church who passed away when he was 15 from cancer.  I had asked him how Trevor had affected him for a project I’m putting together]

As for Trevor, here it goes. When that whole experience happened I was about 15 years old. At that time, my testimony and real understanding of the Gospel still lacked a lot...but I really believe that I began to understand a lot more the Plan that our Heavenly Father has for us. It helped me know a little bit more that the Lord understands more than we do, because I remember a lot of people saying that ¨The Lord had other plans for Trevor¨, and I began to ponder on that a lot. It helped me to understand that the Lord has all knowledge and knows all things. It helped me understand that sometimes we don´t understand why things happen...but we just need to trust in the Lord. It reminds me of Mosiah 4:9. The Lord knows all things....and we need to trust in Him always. I know that Trevor understood that and it is something that I learned from him. I saw just how much faith he had in the Savior in his times of trial and it inspired me to try to have that same amount of faith in my life...although I do not know if I will able be able to strengthen my faith that much. I will never forget it. I know that Trevor is working valiantly in the Spirit world as we speak...doing the work that the Lord needed him to do.


And this is my joy

Elder Peacock

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