Tuesday, June 5, 2012

7. Healthy Eating–Not

Hello family and friends,

Thanks for the letters and pics. I have a feeling I am going to be absolutely in awe when I walk into the house for the first time in 2 years....CRAZY. Also, I still don´t think that I can believe how big Daniel and Bryce have gotten. Have I been gone that long?? As for the package, still no. I don´t know what´s going on. It could be taking a long time to get to me though because of the special changes...but who knows? Maybe you´ll just have to tell me what´s in it?

Ok so as for the week, it was a pretty good one. We worked hard, taught a lot and contacted a lot. We found a lot of new investigators and things were looking pretty good for Sunday...but then on Sunday everything fell through. Nobody completed with their commitments. Didn´t go to church, didn´t get baptized or confirmed ....LAME. It is frustrating but you just got to work through it. We are going to have success in this area for sure. I feel good here. Hopefully they don´t change me this week haha (last week of changes). I know I have been extremely blessed here in this mission.

I just have to tell you guys about this one guy who we are teaching who is quite the character. His name is Daniel and he sells Herbalife every morning outside of his house. Herbalife is a dietary product that is supposed to help people be more healthy and it´s like a smoothie and teas and stuff like that. He is OBSESSED with it. He is a health freak. He tells us that he wants us to help him with his spiritual needs but only if he lets him help us with our nutritional needs. So we usually teach him for about 20 minutes about something and then he lectures us about how unhealthy we eat. He asked us what we ate for breakfast one time and I told him 3 scrambled eggs and a mango and my comp ate a peanut butter sandwich...He FREAKED out and told us we needed to change and that we are not eating healthy...they are pretty interesting lessons...the good part is that he is completely in agreement with the word of wisdom haha.

I think just to spite Daniel we ate in the street one night before going home. Here in this area they have a famous food that you can only find here...they are called Petroleras. It is like a huarache but bigger. What it is is beans covered in the tortilla dough and then deep fried...then you cover it in cheese onions salsa and whatever meat you want. We put pastor meat on it like from Tacos al Pastor. And they are BIG. I was definitely full. I highly recommend them...although I know that Daniel would not. haha



I love you and miss you all and it´s weird how fast the time is going. NEXT month I´ll be home. [I told him that ever since it’s been June I love saying, “Oh yes.  My son comes home NEXT month!” to everyone who will hear it!]

And this is my joy,

Elder Peacock

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