Monday, May 7, 2012

I Guess We’re Not in Puerta Grande Anymore

Hello everyone,

Thanks for all the emails. GO LAKERS. Good to hear that everyone is doing well. I am also excited for Mother´s will be the last time that I talk to you guys before LAX. Speaking of which...I think I forgot to tell you...but about a week and a half ago the secretaries in the office called me to ask me what airport I would like to fly into....!!!! I resisted the temptation to tell them Hawaii haha and told them Los I´m pretty sure we should be getting my itinerary pretty quick now.

Ok, so now for my week. On Tuesday I went to meet my new companion. There were about 20 new missionaries there and 20 trainers...a lot of them ex zone leaders. My companion´s name is Elder Perez. He is from San Salvador, the capital city of El Salvador. He is 20 years old and is a pretty cool kid. He arrived straight from the airport on Tuesday and still hadn´t had his welcome dinner with President and his I lucked out and got to eat at President´s house along with one other trainer and the only other El Salvadorian that came with my companion. We ate was great. We returned to our apartments late Tuesday night.

Wednesday we had our weekly zone meeting in the morning and then I went with an Elder who was in my area before and he kinda showed me around. Thursday we got to work. It has been pretty challenging not going to lie. On top of the fact that I am opening up the area so we had NO investigators to start with, it is just sooooooooo RICH here. I had no idea when I wrote you last time. There is a mall on like every corner and every neighborhood of houses has public security that drives around in cop cars. Nevertheless we worked HARD. Haven´t seen too much success yet but we are going to keep hitting it hard. Even our church is a lot nicer than the other wards I´ve been in. It is 2 stories and has a wood basketball court inside (the only one I´ve seen in Mexico)!! Someone said that it is the biggest church building in Mexico City. It is really nice. I would like to think that there is no correlation between the amount of money a person has and accepting the gospel, but it is looking that way.

Keep praying for us...we are going to find some miracles this week. Love you all and thanks for all of your support.

And this is my joy.

Elder Peacock

PS I do not know if that girl in the Pavo Real story got baptized...we were on interchanges so it wasnt even in my area and now its not even in the same zone...but I hope she did.

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