Tuesday, June 26, 2012

4. The Package Came!

Hello family and friends,

It was a good week here in Jardines...just loving the work and getting along really well with Elder Lefevre.

We are working well together. Good to hear that everything is going good back home...except that one part about the Heat winning the championship...oh well. Also glad to hear that you survived Girls Camp, Mom. I am also really excited to hear about Tyler´s mission call. I have been thinking about it and I have 2 guesses. My first is Texas Spanish speaking. The other is Brazil. I have a feeling. Just know Tyler that the Lord has prepared people and experiences for you wherever you are called, so you can be sure that whatever your call says, it is where the Lord wants and NEEDS you. Remember that our thoughts are not the Lord´s thoughts (Isaiah 55:8-9). And Yes, PLEASE send me a video, I would love to watch that. I´m pretty sure that you can embed a YouTube video so that it just shows up right in my email? Do the best you can...if possible try to make it so I don´t have to leave myldsmail to see it.

Ok so on another note...The package finally got here!! haha. [I sent it the end of April, hoping that it would arrive in time for his birthday on May 20th. It was full of things to celebrate his birthday, including things to decorate and make a birthday cake. 21 is a big deal!] We are going to a member´s house right now to make the cake...it´s gonna be great. Oh, and Tyler´s scripture case that I ordered a while ago finally came in. It looks super legit no lie...but I´m not gonna send any pictures so that it is cooler when you see it for the first time. Just don´t go buying different scriptures cuz they are fitted for the regular English quad. But yeah I think that the package took so long to get to me because of the special change I had, so they sent it to Lomas Verdes after I had already left to Parque Via and then they sent it to Parque Via when I had already left for Jardines....but oh well I have it now so its all good.


Ok, so as for the week. It went really well. We were blessed with another 2 baptisms this past week. Their names are Joan and Martha. They are a young couple and we found them knocking doors one night. They have 2 little kids and they were not married when we found them. They went to church my first week here in Jardines and really liked it. As we continued to teach them you could really see their faith grow. Martha has a little more of a Catholic background so at first she was a little scared of the change and had a lot of doubts. But as we continued to teach her she grew hungry to learn more. She even started taking notes in our lessons!! On Friday, they got married and they were very happy....it´s amazing how much happiness something simple like signing a paper can bring into a family. I am always reminded of the words of King Benjamin when he talks about the blessed and happy state of those who keep the commandments of God (Mosiah 2:41). The baptism went well on Sunday, like it usually does.


It´s hard to believe that another week has past...I only have 4 more weeks! 31 days from today I am on the plane home. Weird. I love you all and miss you too...I love this work, and I am starting to feel that going home really will be a bittersweet moment...even though my whole mission I didn´t feel that way. I know that this is the Lord´s work and I want to do all that I can before I hang up the nametag.

And this is my joy,
Elder Peacock

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