Tuesday, June 12, 2012

6. Well, We All Guessed Wrong About Those Changes

Hey everyone,


Thanks for the letters and all the pictures. Looks like Bryce is quite the ladies man now...he´ll have to teach me when we go to Cancun haha. Sounds like things are going great back home...Excited to hear where Tyler gets his call....And Pat!! you should go to Cancun with us...it will be great. And I would write you back but we have a rule in the mission that we can only email our families...and by the time a hand written letter gets there I will already be back. But I love you buddy...No puedo esperar verte de nuevo...y podemos hablar Español todo el tiempo para que nadie sepa lo que estamos diciendo...jajaja. [Should I tell him I understood all of that??]  As for the birthday package....still hasn’t gotten here...I´m starting to seriously consider the fact that it may have gotten lost...so who knows??


Ok, so my last transfers today....and just like you, I thought I would be staying but NO....Elder Perez is staying in Parque Via and I got changed to Jardines 2 in the Lomas Verdes zone. It is literally right next to the area in Lomas Verdes where I just was. My new companion Elder Lefevre. He is from Las Vegas and it is his second change here in Mexico, so he´s very new and I am his first companion after his trainer. Even though the area is right next to Lomas Verdes it is very different. It is not rich. A lot poorer and it is built on a hillside...so the whole area is basically just one giant hill. I´m excited--6 weeks--I can hardly believe it.  The beginning of the end.


We finished out the last week in Parque Via well. We got 5 people to church so Elder Perez should have some people to work with this next week. Last change we really struggled getting people to church for some reason, but we focused in on it this past week. By Friday we had 9 people committed to go with us, but we decided that we wanted more...because anyone that has served a mission will tell you that all the people that say they will go to church will definitely all not end up going...just the way it happens. So we put a goal Friday night to have 1IMG_04433 in total committed Saturday night. We then prayed to know where to go to find those people. Saturday was just fantastic...we were finding people left and right and we finished the day teaching 9 lessons and finding 11 new investigators. We had 21 people committed to church by the end of the day....and it was because we trusted in the Lord by asking HIM where HE wanted us to go. Unfortunately, most of those people did not end up going, but a family of 4 that we found on Saturday did go with us, and I know that if we had not trusted in the Lord, we wouldn´t have been able to find that family. It was a good end to a challenging change...but I´m extremely grateful for all the things I learned the last 6 weeks.


Love you and miss you all.

And this is my joy,


Elder Peacock

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