Monday, July 2, 2012

3. PERU!!!

Hello everyone,

CONGRATS to Tyler!!! Super stoked to hear about the mission call. You´re going to have some adventures in first kid in the mission Elder Diaz, is from the jungle in Peru, so I´m pretty sure he lives in the mission we´re you´ll be serving so I´ll have to find out a little more about Peru for you. But dude, it´s gonna be super sick.   Thank you for sending that video, I was tearing up a little bit to be honest while I watched´re gonna be great, Elder Pavo Real. Glad to hear that everything else is going well.

So the week went great. It started off with delicious red velvet cake and ice cream...the Mexicans were amazed at how good it was...we just couldn´t explain to them what flavor it is...what flavor is red velvet?? [That was the cake mix we sent him in his birthday box…better late than never!!]





We were blessed with another baptism. David. He´s 14 years old and came to church the past week with his grandma and aunt who are members. He told us his dream was to be an elder...umm awesome. So we hooked him up with a white shirt and tie to go to church and he got baptized...really solid kid.

Today we made tamales with some we´re gonna be able to make some tamales when I get back. Saturday morning?? we could hit up the mexican market and get all the supplies and it´ll be fun!!




So as for more surprises, more SPECIAL changes. Elder Lefevre will be leaving today right after we email to another area and I will be recieving another kid...weird. Reminds me of Zacarias who thought he was too old to have any kids and them BAM...I don´t know who he is or why he is getting here in the middle of the change, but I will know today. He may be an American who had to wait for his visa or he could be a Mexican who is waiting for his visa to go to another country...I´ll let you know about him next week.

Love you guys so much and my days are quickly coming to an end here in Mexico...And this is my joy.

Elder Peacock

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