Monday, December 5, 2011

Elder Johnson

Hey Everyone,

Tell Zorrita to stop growing up haha. I want to see her somewhat as a puppy when I get back. But it´s good to hear that everything is going good. Love getting emails from you guys.


So, I wrote on Wednesday, so not a whole lot has happened since then, but at the same time a lot really has happened.

We had the great opportunity to listen to Elder Johnson this week as a mission. He had zone conferences with our mission starting on Wednesday, with about 2 zones each day. He is from the 1st Quorum of the Seventy and is the President of the Area Mexico. He is so powerful. We had our conference with 2 other zones on Saturday and it was about 3 hours long. He taught so much amazing, powerful stuff. Words really won´t do it justice to be honest with you...but I can tell you that the room was FILLED with the Spirit. He taught us a lot about the importance of the Spirit in missionary work. And on Sunday, he did a special conference with just the zone leaders. It was so amazing, really one of the most powerful moments on my mission. Just about 18 of us missionaries with an Elder from the Seventy teaching us about missionary work and the Gospel. After Elder Johnson left, all the zone leaders stayed and we had a testimony meeting. Truly an unforgettable experience.


Right now, we have another little conference with President for all the zone leaders, I really don´t know what for, but we will see. I hope that you enjoy the pictures of downtown Mexico City. Really is a cool place...we´ll have to go together someday.


Just from this experience with Elder Johnson, I just want to express my testimony of the Restoration. I know without doubt that God calls men today to lead us and guide us and that these men are led by the Spirit and teach us the things that Heavenly Father wants us to hear. If we prepare ourselves spiritually and desire direction from our Heavenly Father, we will receive answers through these leaders. They are inspired. Listen to them. Follow them. God has called them.

I love being a missionary.

And this is my joy,

Elder Peacock.

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