Wednesday, November 30, 2011

No Worries, Just Anxiously Engaged

Hello everyone,


I´m still here, don´t worry nothing happened to me.  We just had a zone leader conference with President and the assistants on Monday, so our P-day got taken up and got moved to today. More on that conference wIMG_0024as really amazing. But good to see pictures of everyone....Everyone looks different! Daniel is huge, Tyler has a beard coming in, Bryce looks bigger and older.....weird weird weird. It doesn´t seem like I´ve been gone that long, but then I see pictures like that and it reminds that I have haha. Glad you guys had a fun Thanksgiving. Mine was pretty normal. One of the Elders in the zone made pumpkin pie for me and Elder Rowley , so we bought some ice cream and ate that after planning at night.  That was as much Thanksgiving as we got haha. For our food that day we ate some super spicy enchiladas and some flan....yeah....pretty Mexican haha. Feliz Cumpleaños Dad!! Oh, I also got the package you sent me, and the lights are now hung up in the house and the chocolate is being devoured [that was quick!  Less than 2 weeks!].



So this past week went pretty well. Still getting used to the whole bike thing, but I did finally get the seat raised so its going a little better now. We definitely do work a whole lot more effectively with them--we just fly from house to house. We were able to baptize 2 more people this week. It was the son and grandson of the Sister we baptized last week. They were happy and it was good to see the family together and united through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel really does bless families

IMG_0020Elder Rowley and I are getting along great, it´s fun being his companion. He goes to BYU and everything as well, so we´ll get to hang out for sure after the mission as well. One of the perks of being a zone leader is that you get to do interchanges and work in other areas of the zone as well. So, this past week I worked in Lerma again, and I also worked in a little pueblo called has about 10 Catholic churches every 100 yards you walk and it has a huge Jesus statue on a hill overlooking the city. Cool place...kind of hard to work there though.

Another perk of being a ZL is going to the monthly zone leader conferences. All the zone leaders in the mission get together and with President and the Assistants we talk about things we can do better as a mission and we analyze the past month. In November we baptized 253 in the mission. It´s a really good number, but it´s a little low compared to the past couple of months that we have had. But the Spirit was really strong in the meeting and you could just feel the power that President Villarreal has as he taught us things. One of the things that he went over is Malachi 3:8-18 in the Old Testament. It´s something that we have read hundreds of times, almost every time that we teach tithing to somebody. But he applied it to the mission. The mission is a tithe of our life to God. As we waste our time and don´t work hard we rob God...BUT if we pay these 2 years full, God will pour out blessings upon us that we won´t have room to receive it. Sometimes we think that the disobedient missionaries seem to have more success and get along just fine...but as it explains, the obedient missionaries will be rewarded for their dedication, even if they didn´t have that much success.

It was so powerful as President read over those things and applied them the way that he did. It is something I have read over and over again but I had never thought of it in that way. Really Amazing.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to tithe my life and give these 2 years to my Heavenly Father. It is my prayer that I will take advantage of every moment and serve with the dedication that my Heavenly Father expects of me. I love being a missionary and I love my Savior Jesus Christ.

Love you and miss you all, have a great week.

And this is my joy.

Love Elder Peacock.


P.S.  We’re trying all the popcorn flavors.

[Note all the HAIR ties in these pictures…]

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