Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hey family and friends,

It was a good week. Thanks for all of the emails. Not too happy with the whole trade being outlawed by David Stern...if you don´t want powerhouse teams why don´t you worry about the Heat first? Unbelievable. Hopefully the Lakers will be able to get it together. You asked about the the zone leaders--13 out of the 18 are Americans, and the other 5 are Latino. 1 Peruvian assistant and 1 American assistant. As for Christmas I am not sure when I will call, I will prolly let you know next week. I will be using Skype however, for only an hour.

The week went well. We had a successful week in the zone. Baptized 11. We didn´t do a whole lot of missionary interchanges this week, so Elder Rowley and I pretty much stayed in our area for the week. We contacted a lot and looked for new people most of the week. We found a family of 4 that went to church with us and is progressing nicely. They are reading the Book of Mormon and even went to the baptismal service that we had on Sunday. We baptized Filiberto...who is the man. He is a big strong police officer, and we love him a lot. He´s a great guy and he was super excited about his baptism. He expressed to us afterwards that it was the best thing that he could have done in his life...wow, the gospel really is amazing.


The news of the week would probably be the EARTHQUAKE. It was huge. It happened in Guerrero, but we felt a huge aftershock. A couple of buildings fell down here in Metepec and we couldn´t even get into our house for a couple of days, so we just kind of camped out. A bunch of people were hurt but I don´t think anyone died here in Metepec. Elder Rowley and I dove under a couple of tables during the quake so nothing happened to us...but it was a close one.....

Na, just kidding haha. There really was an earthquake but we just got a little tiny shake. We were in a lesson and we were teaching and then the person we were teaching just starts looking all worried and tells us its an earthquake, and then we started to feel it. The lights started to shake and the bookcases wobbled but that was about it. It lasted 10 seconds at the most. We´re good, don´t worry Mom . Sorry if you didn´t think that was funny.

Well I love all of you and miss you a ton. I know the Gospel is true and that I am participating in the work of our Heavenly Father himself. I can´t wait to talk to you on Christmas!

And this is my joy.

Elder Peacock

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