Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

[email dated 11/21/11]
Hello Everyone,

Happy Thanksgiving...even though they don`t celebrate it down here in Mexico. I do have an American comp this time around though, so we were thinking we would do something for Thanksgiving...maybe buy a Turkey leg or something...but it still won`t be the same. It`s ok..I`ll be back for the next one! Zorrita is getting bigger. It still looks like Sparky could swallow her though haha.


Also thank you for the letter Tyler. You asked about the difference between a District Leader and Zone Leader. A District Leader is in charge of a District which usually consists of 2-4 areas or 4-8 missionaries. A zone leader is in charge of usually about 4 districts and the DLs which usually consists of 10 or 11 companionships of missionaries. So the order of leadership in the mission is this: President, Assistants, Zone Leaders, District Leaders, Trainers, Senior Companions and Junior Companions. Everything has it`s order.

Ok, so as for the week...I do have some pictures but the computer is not working with my camera for some reason, so I guess that you`ll just have to wait for next week for that. Being a Zone Leader is fun. I`m learning a lot from my companion Elder Rowley. He`s a great missionary and we get along really well--really nice guy. As zone leaders, we are always running around to other areas, trying to help our missionaries out in their areas, which is really fun because I`ll get to know the whole zone wherever I serve. In our area we have bikes!! haha. We get around a whole lot faster...although my legs were pretty sore the first couple days...its been 16 months since I rode a bike.  But, I`m getting used to it. My butt was pretty sore for a couple of days, let’s just say that the seat on the bike is not the softest thing in the world.  But don`t worry Mom. We do wear helmets. So yeah, I feel like a real Mormon missionary now rolling around on my bike haha.

Happy 16 months! almost it`s going by fast. 5 more weeks and we`ll be talking again!

So, just like Saugus won league on a technicality, We kind of had a baptism in the same way. We got a referral this week for an 8 year old kid this week from other Elders in our zone. We went by and the kid lives with his Dad and Grandma. They both said that they were already baptized and everything. Just to make sure, we checked with the offices to see if they had records in the church and it turns out that they do not. SO, so that they could get the records back in the church they would have to be rebaptized...its kind of a weird situation. The grandma expressed the  desire to go to the temple with us...and to enter into the temple you need records in the church. SO, we baptized the Grandma yesterday and we are planning for the baptism for the Dad and his son next week. It really was a miracle that we had a baptism this week...The Lord blessed us by helping us find that family and we were able to help them progress in getting closer to entering into the temple.

I know that Christ lives, and I know that this is His work. I`m so grateful for the chance to serve a mission and help His children here in Mexico for this short time. I know that this is His work and there is nowhere else I would rather be.

And this is my Joy

Elder Peacock

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