Monday, November 14, 2011

A Change…Kind of

Hey everyone,

Thanks for all the emails and the pics. Good to hear that Sparky is getting used to Zoey a little bit. I can´t wait to meet her....too bad she´ll already be all grown up by the time I get home. Dang. But good to hear how everything is going as usual. Grandpa Bruce and Marri, know that my prayers are with you. 


As for the week. The changes are in....and my time in Lerma has come and gone. 6 weeks and done. BUT, I wouldn´t call it much of a change. I´m going to an area that I am actually pretty familiar with...yup, that´s right...I´m back to Metepec, Metepec Zone. My first area in Mexico. Weird huh? The only thing that is different this time around is that I will be there serving as a zone leader! I have been moved up, and I am extremely excited about the opportunity to learn. My companion is Elder Rowley, who is from Washington (my 3rd companion from Washington) and this is his 3rd change as zone leader. He has one transfer more than me in the he goes home in June and has 17 months in the mission. I am very excited to learn from him and to have a lot of success this time around in only hope is that I get to know DF before the mission is over haha. Sooo, at the end of this change will be Christmas so I will be here. [Yikes!  Christmas already!  I’m not ready!]

IMG_0226As for the past week, it went very well. We had a baptism on Thursday. The lady´s name is Lourdes, and she was going to have some problems with her schedule on Sunday and we decided to have her baptism during the week. She is someone that is really struggling with her family, and really wanted to put an example for her kids...we helped her to understand that following the example of Jesus Christ was the best example that anyone could ever follow and it would be a perfect example to give to her kids. She made the decision to be baptized, and had some doubts and struggles, but she pushed through it all and was able to make that covenant with our Heavenly Father. 

On Friday, I went on exchanges with Santiago and did my own version of man versus food. A member there has a sandwich stand, and about a week ago, he made a bet with me that I could not eat the biggest sandwich that he makes....I obviously told him that I could. So here was the bet. I had 25 minutes to eat the sandwich...if i did was free. If not...I pay double the price. The sandwich was GIGANTICLY HUGE. It had everything. Breaded steak, ham, turkey, american cheese, white cheese, like 3 other cheeses, sausage, tomatoes, onions, and lots of chili.....I started off strong....ate the first half in like 5 minutes. But I just hit a wall after that...I kept chewing and chewing but it just wouldn’t go down and it actually started to make me want to throw up. I I ended up paying him 125 pesos (about 10 bucks) which really isn’t that bad when you look at the size of that sandwich. So, my conclusion is that the man vs food guy´s job wouldn’t be that fun sometimes haha. 



That´s about it for the news for this past week. I am very excited for the opportunity to be will be a great learning experience and I am excited about the opportunity to serve all the missionaries here in the Metepec zone. I feel that I will learn so much and really develop a Christ like love for each and every missionary in the zone as I pray and worry about their success each and everyday.


Hope you all have a good you and miss you. 

And this is my joy,

Elder Peacock

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