Tuesday, June 28, 2011

¿Almost JULY?

Monday, June 27, 2011 2:58 PM
Hello family and friends,

It was a good week. Thanks for the emails and all of the updates on life. Sounds like things are going good as usual, except for the fact that USA lost to Mexico (more on that later). Yes, the Jimmer Jersey fits fine...thanks to the fact that I have lost all of my muscles haha. And no, the shower does not have a curtain, you kinda just close the door and the whole room turns into the shower...it´s an interesting design to say the least haha....but don`t worry mom the hot water is heated iron free.  As for the box you are putting together I have a few requests - some ties (I´m starting to get bored with the ones that I have) and food that they don´t have here - E.L. Fudge, Skittles, Starbursts, Reese`s and some home made brownies and cookies....don´t have to include all of them, but I´m just giving you some ideas. And can you believe it`s July this week??? The year mark is coming up fast. My shirt has already been picked out, it has a big dirt stain on my shoulder from this wall Ieaned on that was pretty dirty...so it`s the clear choice.

As for this week, work wise it went great. I feel like I have to clarify something. In the mission we work with numbers and people...we set goals with both of them. The numbers help us see and measure how effective we are being in helping people come unto Christ. That doesn´t by any means mean that we care only about the numbers, it is simply a way to help us become better. Ultimately, our goal as a missionary is to help a person come unto Christ by helping them receive the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ through faith in Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice, repentance, baptism for the remission of sins, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. That is our goal. We have received counsel from our Inspired leaders here in Mexico that the people here in Mexico are ready. There is somebody that is ready to do these things every week. So my sadness last week was not because I had a 0 in the baptism column. It was because I felt like maybe we could have done more to help or maybe even find that person that was ready to put the Gospel  of Jesus Christ into practice. So understand that it isn`t about the numbers, but the numbers help us improve and fix things that we can improve on, so that we can help more PEOPLE come unto Christ, because in the end that`s what it is all about.


As for the week, we were able to help a couple in many different ways. their names are Claudia and Justo. They have been to the church many times, 2 of their kids have already been baptized and they wanted to as well but they weren`t married. We helped them get married on Wednesday, the problem was the money, so Elder Torres and I gladly helped out because that was all that was stopping them from following the commandments of God. They got married on Thursday, baptized on Saturday and then received the gift of the Holy Ghost (Acts 19:6) in Church on Sunday. I was extremely grateful for the opportunity that we had to help unite their family and bring them one step closer to becoming an eternal family.

As for the weather, not hot at all, actually this is the rainy season here in Mexico as opposed to it being hot. It has been raining off and on all week. luckily I have my rain jacket that I found in the house in Salt Lake and my umbrella so we´re all good there. Haha so as for the soccer game, when Mexico plays soccer, EVERYONE and their mom watches. ESPECIALLY if they´re playing against the stupid gabachos (Americans). The game started at 8 here, and it was deserted in the street. As we we´re still working out in the street (we go home at 9) we heard the moans and groans as America took the lead. As we were planning back in our house at 9, we still knew what was going on based on the screaming of people outside or even in the same building as us. I felt pretty good that the US was up 2-0....but then I proceeded to hear:


5 minutes later....


then I´m guessing it was halftime, and then a little after that, 2 more eruptions of cheers accompanied with the ridiculous screaming of Goal for about 5 minutes straight.....Dangit. So we lost and that was that....too bad they don`t televise when the US plays Mexico in basketball haha.

That´s pretty much it for the week. Thank you for all the love and support each and every one of you give me. I know this Gospel is true and I am so grateful for the short time I have to share it with the people here in Mexico. Hope you have a good 4th of July...I don´t think it´ll be the same here haha. Love you all and miss you.

And this is my joy (Alma 29:9)

Elder Peacock

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