Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!

Hello family and Friends,

Thanks for all the email and all of the support. I hope that you are all having a good 4th of July, and enjoying the nice sunny weather, here as I think I mentioned in my last letter, the rainy season has begun, so its been raining and raining and then raining some more. But don´t worry Mom I have my rain jacket and my umbrella so we´re all good to go. 

So this week was a pretty exciting one I guess you could say. I´ll start with a new food experience that I had this week. Tried some new tacos....Before we headed in for the night on Thursday I think it was, we stopped by a taco stand to grab a quick bite. This taco stand had every kind of meat you have ever imagined, and then some you had never even thought that you should eat. I figured I would give some new ones a try...I´m only gonna live in Mexico once. First one - tongue taco. That´s right cow tongue. And it wasn´t chopped up or anything like that...just a nice whole tongue sitting in my tortilla. Believe it or not I enjoyed it. It´s a very meaty taco....not a lotta fat and I enjoyed it. The next taco. Brain taco. Yep, just a nice big chuck of brain. It wasn´t good. Very squishy, almost like jello but warm. So, that´s probably the last time I´ll eat that...but I´ll probably give tongue a whirl again sometime in the future.


On Saturday, we also had a great experience. We got to go down to the Mexico City Temple and go to the visitor´s center with some investigators. They were all super stoked to go (despite the lack of smiles in the picture—I don’t think it transferred all the way, hence the weird color) and I think they had a good time. We did a little tour of the visitor´s center with the Sister missionaries there, and watched a movie called “On the Way Home”, which is about a family preparing to get baptized, which was pretty good. The temple is very beautiful and I´m glad I finally got to go with some investigators. The rule in the mission is that we have to go with at least 4 investigators, so a lot of times it´s hard to get it planned so everyone goes, but we did it and it was great. Getting to the temple was a whole other experience. We had to take  buses and the subway to get there. We were in the subway and it was PACKED...I mean PACKED. People were pushing and shoving to get in and out. If you weren´t aggressive, you weren´t gonna get in the subway. Different than anything I have ever was great haha.


On Sunday, we were blessed with the opportunity to help another person enter the waters of baptsim. Her name is Araceli, and she is the one next to me without a baby in the visitor´s center. The other two are her sisters and the boyfriend of one of her sisters. She is great. Definitely was prepared by the Lord, we found her a week before we went to the temple on a Saturday night, she went to the church with us on Sunday and got baptized the following Sunday (yesterday). She has a lot of faith and is very strong in what she believes already. I am very grateful that the Lord put her in our path.


I am so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am especially grateful for the knowledge I have received about the Plan that God has for us or the Plan of Salvation. I know through this plan we will all see the ones that we love again someday through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, if we do the things that God has commanded us and follow the example of Jesus Christ. God loves us and is always waiting for us....we just have to take that first step towards Him sometimes, and He will carry us the rest of the way if we continue to put our trust in Him.

I love being a missionary and this is my Joy (Alma 29:9)

Have a great week, love you and miss you all.

Elder Peacock

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