Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chamapa Apartment





We live on the third floor, this is the view of the door where we enter. 





Next is our front room, which includes our kitchen sink, microwave and fridge.


We have a couch and two desks...mine is the neater one...and we have a couple of white board kind of things to organize our investigators and stuff like that for when we plan.






To the left of my desk (if you{re sitting in it) is the bathroom which was even dirtier before if you can believe it. It doesn´t smell very good either.  [Note, there is no shower curtain.  Jeff asked him about it and he says they just close the door and the whole room is the shower.  FORTUNATELY, no irons are used to heat water here so it looks good to me!]



Then if you go to the next big room you have our two beds...mine is the one next to the fan. We have clothes lines to hang and dry our clothes and also to hang them up like in a closet.


And then outside we have our balcony...where you can see DF off in the distance and you can see all of the beautiful plain concrete houses....


And that´s our apartment....enjoy.

Elder Peacock

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