Friday, September 30, 2011

Record Breaking Week

[Email dated Sept. 26, 2011]

Hello family and friends,

I´d just like to start off with the letter that was in my email from President Villarreal when I signed in:

Mis Estimados Elderes y Hermanas,

Es con mucho gozo que les aviso que esta semana pasada tuvimos 98 bautismos y este mes terminamos con 303 bautismos (y en un mes con 4 semanas) y aproximadamente 285 confirmaciones.  Ustedes hicieron una gran obra!!   La Hermana y yo estamos muy complacidos con ustedes por el gran trabajo que están haciendo.   Sigan firme.  Les amamos y oramos por ustedes y su éxito siempre.  Presidente Villarreal

So, I guess I didn`t remember that it was in Spanish when I copied it over. [This is funny to me that he doesn’t realize it’s in Spanish!!]   BUT, it says that we had 98 baptisms in the mission yesterday (the most we have ever had in a week... previous record 89) and that we baptized 303 people in September (which only had 4 weeks to baptize instead of 5) and confirmed 285. So yeah, needless to say, we are all pretty only makes us think what we can do next month (5 weekends!).

I just wanted to start off with that and let you all know how much the Lord truly is blessing us down here in Mexico and that there are tons of people ready and waiting to receive the Gospel.

This past week was OK. We worked hard and found a lot of new people. Unfortunately, we were not able to have any baptisms last weekend though...the people that we were hoping to baptize all fell off date for one reason or another. BUT, on the bright side, we do have 2 people with a baptismal date for this weekend, which is General Conference weekend!

Elder Mora has been sick for about 4 days now. [TMI ALERT! ] He has a bunch of phlegm in his throat and he is always spitting phlegm into tissue paper throughout the day.  It’s kinda weird to me, I`ll be honest.   I`ve never seen anybody with that problem before but he says it has happened to him before. He has also been gagging with all of the flem and has even thrown up a few times.  So hopefully that will go away soon. [um, some of the finer details have been redacted.  Nobody needs to know that.]

On Thursday, we had a training for the District Leaders at the office which was pretty fun. We learned a lot of stuff to help us have more success as a mission. After the training, we ate tacos and cake and then went back to work. It`s fun to see all the guys from the other zones that I don`t get to see very much. Elder Juker and Elder Duffin from the MTC were there so it was cool to get to catch up a little bit with them.

Other than that it was a pretty normal week. Just working hard in the work of the Lord. Nothing`s better.

I know that this gospel is true and I am so excited for this coming weekend and the opportunity to listen to our modern day prophet and apostles. I know that they truly are inspired leaders that receive revelation from our Heavenly Father. What they say is important and if we listen with an open heart...they will say something that will touch our hearts and give us the direction that we need in our lives. So, lets listen attentively to their words this weekend.  [To hear or view General Conference session, click HERE].

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Crazy to think that a year ago I was there in person for General Conference. I don`t even get to go to ANY of the Saturday session this weekend...we will be working like any other Saturday. So I will definitely take advantage of the 2 sessions I get to watch on Sunday. 

Next Monday we have it is very possible that I will be writing you from a new area in a week....its actually pretty probable. So I will be sure to fill you all in on that in a week.

Love you and miss you all.
And this is my joy
Elder Peacock

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