Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The REAL Mexican Independence Day

Hey everyone,

Thanks for all the emails and letters. I really do enjoy hearing how everything is going back at home and hearing about all the new stuff that is happening. Good to hear that Tyler is loving college...even if I am way jealous cuz his room is WAY cooler than ours (Big screen TV, XBox, nicer couch, higher beds etc) [Clarification:  Tyler’s BIG screen, aka the one his roommate brought, is 22”, just for the record]. Also good to hear that Bryce is tearing it up as a tackle...and I am praying that Saugus is not the first Foothill team to be beaten by embarrassing would that be

Ok so I`ll start off with some kinda cool news. Next week is Mexican Independence Day.   Despite popular belief, it is not May 5th (just some day when they won a battle or something), but it is September 15th. This past week, people starting selling Mexican flags on the street and it seems like everyone is buying one...they are on houses, cars, stores etc....we even saw some red white and green lightbulbs on a house. I`ll probably end up buying myself a huge flag to put up in the apt at BYU when I get back since this will be my best opportunity to buy one before I go.  I`m thinking that this day is going to be pretty crazy. Due to the holiday, we will have a different work schedule next week. Monday will not be P-day...So I WILL NOT BE WRITING ON MONDAY (just so you don’t worry, mom). We will work until Thursday. Thursday (the 15th) from 4-9 we will be together as a zone in one of the chapels. And we get to watch a movie!! Not just any movie, Remember the Titans!!!! It’s gonna be great. Normally that wouldn’t be that exciting.  I think you would have to be a missionary to truly understand just how exciting that is haha. So that’s what well do on Thursday and on Friday (the 16th) we will have our P-day like normal. SO I WILL NOT BE WRITING AGAIN UNTIL THE 16TH OF SEPTEMBER (just so you don’t go calling the President ).  [As IF.  OK, OK, I got it the first time he wrote it!!]

As for the week, it went pretty well.  It was a little bit frustrating though. We had a lady that was planning on getting baptized on Sunday, but due to health problems, she left town and went to live with her daughter far away. So she didn`t get baptized. We actually found another person during the week that was also going to get baptized, but that fell through as well. Kind of rough, but with that being said, I was very happy with the work we did this past week. We taught 33 lessons, found 9 new people to teach, and also had 5 people in church with us. Bringing people to church is really the hardest part of this area that I am in due to the fact that church starts at 9 in the morning and the chapel is half hour away in convey (14 seater van that we all cram ourselves in to get like a get in and pay as you get out, and every convey has a route). Usually we have 1 or 2 people in church with I think with 5, we should have a lot of people to work with in the coming weeks. People usually love the church too. They go and really do feel the Spirit and it really gives them the desire to continue keeping commitments with us. So I am excited for the weeks that lie ahead...especially this next week. 

The weather has still been the same. Rainy/sunny. It actually poured yesterday and I got pretty wet....but whatever. I`m a man. 

I love being a missionary and I am super excited to continue working here in Mexico. The people here are so prepared to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In August the mission finished with 260 baptisms....and it`s exciting how much the 7-10 Justin Jordan Jociwork is moving along. On Wednesday...I will be thinking of the newest Elder Peacock, and I know that I will feel extremely happy to know that the Peacock family will have TWO missionaries in the world. I`m excited for you Jordan, take advantage of your time in the MTC because it will lay a foundation for the rest of your mission, and I promise you that as you work hard, you will receive the most satisfaction from your mission. Always do things to show the Lord your diligence and your willingness to work, even if its something not that fun to do (like knock doors in the pouring rain when your appointments fall through). As you show your diligence, patience, and obedience, The Lord will lead and guide you and to do things that didn`t seem possible. Love you cuz....Enjoy every moment of goes fast. 

Thanks for everything and talk to you in 11 days!! Love you and miss you!!

And this is my joy

Elder Peacock

PS  I got a wedding invitation from Elder Coulston today (my first companion in Salt lake, AKA my daddy) and he’ll be getting married on the congrats to him as well!! 

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