Monday, February 7, 2011

My Bad

This is the email (in part) that I sent to Justin this morning:

Dearest son,

I read with some alarm about the water heating method you described in your email last week.  I just kept thinking....



Every day I expected the phone to ring:  "Sister Peacock, we regret to inform you..." at which point my heart would break into a thousand million billion little tiny itsy bitsy pieces.

I woke up with a nightmare where you and/or your sweet companion were lying in electrified water, muerte, and no one found you for days.  I couldn't sleep for a couple of hours that night.

I wrestled with whether or not to be THAT kind of missionary mother who calls the Mission President to intervene.  Your dad said I could.  My friends assured me I was completely justified.  I started the email several times but couldn’t finish.

I prayed fervently that you would be safe.

And then, Heavenly Father sent me a tender mercy yesterday in answer to my numerous and somewhat hysterical prayers.  I was in the stake offices and as I was leaving, JD Tengberg asked about you.  Since it is on my mind so strongly I told him about the iron and water and he was appropriately horrified by this idea.  As we were discussing, there was this man on the other couch (I didn't know him) who asked where you were.  When I told him he said that he had served in the Tijuana mission and they almost never had water heaters and that was how they always heated their water.  For 2 years.  It's a Mexico thing.  He's still alive.  I felt hope.  He said that the first time he saw it, he was nervous since he remembered about electricity and water from science but knew about grounding and yada yada.  JD was still skeptical.  I am still skeptical.  But the fact is, this guy lived to tell about it, so I was somewhat reassured.

I still don't think it's the greatest idea--


Cold water builds character, just sayin.  Be safe. Don't be dumb.  Use your head.  Whew.  That was a long week.

Bryce wants to know if your drinking the water in Mexico, and if so, are you getting sick?

We love you.  We are proud of you.  Be safe.  Work hard.  Come home alive, please.  I know that the Church is true and that you are on the Lord's errand.  It is for this reason that I was able to sleep at all last week:)

Forever, Mom


And, his reply:

Hello everyone.

So I`m sorry for all of the worry I have caused with my showering method. Apparently that was not Mom approved. But, you will be glad to know that I did not get electrocuted or hurt or killed. You will also be glad to know that we did in fact get the water heater fixed this week so from now on I`m taking showers just like normal. So you can sleep well tonight mom haha.

And Bryce, no I do not drink the water, and I haven’t gotten sick yet, but I hear I`m more likely to get sick once I move to DF and start serving there. I drink the water with the filter bottle I have or I buy bottled.  


Anyway, we got all moved into the apartment finally as you can see from the pictures. It really is a lot better than the other house we were living in. I even have a closet and I finally get to unpack my stuff from my suitcase which is nice. And we have a nice big backyard area to hang dry our clothes and stuff like that. It has interesting graffiti on the back wall.


This week was a bit of a struggle. It was a shorter week (since we had P Day on Tuesday) and we didn`t have a lot of success this week. We had a possible 5 people we were hoping to baptize yesterday and they all fell off date for various reasons. So, needless to say it was a bit frustrating and disappointing. My patience is being tried for sure. I know though, that if we just keep working hard with diligence and obedience, the Lord will bless us with èxito (success). Ammon gives us a great example of that in Alma 26:27 when he tells us that the Lord said to bear with patience thy afflictions and I will give you success. I know that if we keep working hard and just push through our trials the Lord will bless us and we will have success in the last 4 weeks of this transfer.


A couple fun things this week. We are going to have our soccer match with the Toluca zone next week so we practiced with our zone today for a couIMG_0129ple of hours. I`m not very good but its still fun to play sports with everyone. We played on a big dirt soccer field that was very stereotypical Mexico. Whenever people try to talk crap to me I just tell them we should go play basketball or real football and we`ll see what happens. Also, Elder Salazar ate Kran tacos this week. I`ll let you look up what that is, but lets just say its a part of a bull I never even want to touch let alone put in my mouth and eat. Also I had hamburgers Mexico Style. It was big and actually pretty good (see picture) and only for like 35 pesos! like 3 bucks.

Well I think that’s about it for this week. I`m short on time and not a lot more happened this week. But I have a lot of pictures of the apartment to make up for the shorter email. I love you all and miss you.

But I love being a missionary.

Have a great week and hope to hear from you soon.

Elder Peacock

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