Monday, November 29, 2010

Elder Morris from South Africa

[This is a recent email from Elder Mitchel Morris, one of Justin’s best friends, currently serving in South Africa.  I asked his mom if I could share it here because I loved how he outlined his day.  Elder Morris is one of my favorite people in the world.  He is unfailingly positive.]

Hello to all!  66496_1300864700740_1804121769_576932_903460_n

First, apologies for not writing the last couple weeks. Mission life has been crazy and I haven't had the time to email as much as before. Lots to get done in so short a time! November is already over practically. Way too fast!

Well I thought on request by my dad I would give you a run down of what a day is like for me:

630 - I wake up to an alarm with a frown on my face because it feels as though I just went to sleep haha (the sun rises at 445 here if you can believe that haha)

630 to 800 - I prepare for the day: bathe, eat, try to exercise when I finally feel awake haha (When I do finally wake up, I have a smile on my face because I get to do missionary work all day!)

800 - I begin my personal studies. I study from Preach My Gospel, the Book of Mormon, the Bible, the words of the living prophets, etc. (Personally I love this part of the day. I am taught from on high by the Holy Ghost and I learn so much. My testimony grows as I study the Gospel and how best to teach others what our Savior taught)

900 - I begin studies with my companion. We share what we learn and we read from the different resources given to us as missionaries.

1000 - We complete our studies and prepare to leave for the day.

1030ish - We are out the door until 900pm (except for an hour around 12 to 2ish for lunch). We go to people's home and teach them different things, invite them to be baptized, answer questions they have from reading the scriptures. We try to schedule appointments, but if not, we stop by and hope they are home. If we don't have someone to see, we go looking for those to teach. We visit members of the Church and see if they know of people who need the Gospel, we go knocking on door, we contact people in the streets. Most success is found as we are given names of people to visit and teach.

900pm - We come home and look at the day and plan for the next day. I have just enough time to eat something and write in my journal, visit with the other 2 missionaries we live with, then go to sleep at 1030pm.

Picture 001

I am glad I was warned this is missionary WORK haha. I absolutely love it. I can not describe in writing the feelings I have when I see people light up because of the unique message we share. Our Father in Heaven has again reached out to His children just like he has throughout Biblical times through prophets. The Book of Mormon is the way to know for yourself that the message of the Restoration (bringing back) of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. Please don't ask anyone if it is true except for your Heavenly Father. The only way to know is to Read and Pray. It is impossible to deny the message and say it is false if you have done these things, sincerely, or with a strong desire. If it seems impossible for this message to be true, just ask your Father in Heaven. He knows it isn't.

I have truly seen lives change for the better. If your life is great, I promise you it can be better. This message is for everyone. It builds upon our existing faith. I know our Father in Heaven loves us. I know His son, Jesus Christ loves us. This is not a message from a Church we go out and share. It is a message straight from Heavenly Father. I love this gospel and I love being apart of this Great and Marvelous work!

Thank you for your love and support!

Love you all soooo much!

-Elder Morris

[Additional note:  Missionaries work 6 days and have 1 personal day or “P” day when they can take care of mundane tasks like grocery shopping, laundry, emails home:), etc. and can play sports (i.e., I’m sure the last picture was most likely taken on Mitchel’s P-day). They are always a missionary though, and must stay with their companion, stay within mission boundaries, and follow all other mission rules meant to keep them safe and focused.]

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