Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Last 100 Days

Hello family and friends,

Here is a picture from Semana Santa where men are carrying crosses in reenactments of Christ’s crucifixion.


Nice to hear from you. Sounds like things are going good back home. Can´t believe Patrick goes home in less than a month!!! Yes, there have been more earthquakes...seems like they are happening every week now. They are very small here though, because we are just feeling the aftershock. But a lot of the people here are started to get all panicky if you even mention the word earthquake...I´m not too worried though. However, I´m a little worried about the Lakers haha. Looks like they´re gonna have their work cut out for them this year in the playoffs. We´ll see what happens.

IMG_0363So, this past week went pretty well. We had 4 baptisms. One was a member reference and his name is Michel. He is 22 years old and is a really nice guy, he was really excited to get baptized and receive the Holy Ghost in his life. The other 3 were one family. Claudia, Mireya (Claudia’s daughter) and Adamary  (Miyeya’s daughter). Mireya was not married, so we read the Proclamation to the World to Mireya and her husband Miguel and we helped them understand the importance of marriage.  On Saturday, we took them down to get married. They drove us in their car down to the marriage office wherIMG_0373e we always send the people to get married and on Saturday they were married.  The original plan was for Miguel to get baptized with his wife as well, but he got cold feet about the baptism. So we are going to keep working with him this week so that the whole family can be united. They are a really great family though. We´re really excited for the progress that they are making to become an eternal family someday.


In the marriage office I saw just how blessed I am to be serving in the mission I am in. President Villarreal has helped us all understand a little bit better how to represent Jesus Christ in the way that we should. Dressing the right way, speaking respectfully, and just having a good image for everyone else to see...the apostle hairstyle and all. There in the marriage office we saw some Elders from other missions...with spiked hair, chewing gum, sleeves rolled up, and they just threw off a different vibe than the missionaries that I am used to seeing. It was kind of a shock to my system. I´m glad to say that I am in the West mission and I´m glad for the changes that President Villarreal has done in the mission, even if I do have to comb my hair to the side haha.


This week I started to read Jesus the Christ and the New Testament during my personal study for the 2nd time...hoping to come to know my Savior Jesus Christ and the many things he did for me even more. I know that He is our Savior and he desires that we can be like him (3 Nephi 27:27), and as we repent daily and do the things that He taught us, eventually we will be perfected in Him (Moroni 10:32).

I love you and miss you all

And this is my joy

Elder Peacock

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