Monday, March 5, 2012


Hey everyone,

Thanks for all of your letters and love and support. It´s always good to hear how things are going back home...Bryce looks like he´s getting muscles!!! That´s weird.  The pictures of Grandma Virginia were also cool...I had no idea that she had been to so many different places. Let me know how the service goes. Also good to hear that the Lakers are stepping it into high gear. So thanks for all of those updates...and sorry about the shorter letters Mom...I do try but to be honest all of the weeks are just starting to blend together and they all seem the same...teaching lessons, knocking doors and baptizing. But I will get better about that. Thanks for all of the pictures though...and although my letters are short I do usually always try to include some pictures from the week.

So, as for the week. We had a meeting on Tuesday in the offices with all of the zone leaders, the assistants and President. We have the meeting at the end of every month to analyze the progress of the mission and talk about the things we need to do better and different. President usually talks about things we will do different and new things we will try and he´ll finish with some kind of spiritual thought from something he has been studying.  He read with us D & C 138 [You can read it HERE] which is an amazing section and at the end it talks about how all missionaries were preordained before the creation of the world for the work we are doing now--really an amazing thought. Those meetings are always great because I get to see some of my old companions as well. Saw Elder Rowley and Elder Green there.

On Wednesday, we had our zone meeting to teach our district leaders as normal...but we went to a different church and we got flu shots haha. It was the Hermana Villarreal´s idea...on the way there as usual we were jammed into a bus with about 60 other people...So Elder Long and I got the short end of the stick and were basically hanging out of the jam packed bus...don´t worry though Mom...its a normal thing here in Mexico City.


Other than that we just kept working hard. Another 38 lessons this week, with 3 baptisms, and we have another 2 baptisms tonight. The baptisms were miracles. It was a family that had date all week. But then on Thursday, the Mom of the family told us that she got a job interview on Sunday...and she is a single mom that needs work...she didn’t know what to do....we explained to her that if we follow the commandments, we are blessed and will prosper in the it says time and time again in the Book of Mormon. Saturday night we kept teaching her this principle and she decided with a ton of faith to not go to her job interview, but to go to church and get baptized instead. I know that the Lord will bless her for that decision. Because of that small decision that she made with faith...her whole family took the first step to becoming an eternal family....amazing experience...miracle.


I love being a missionary. Love you all and miss you tons.

And this is my joy.

Elder Peacock

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