Friday, March 23, 2012

3 Transfers Left

Email dated 3.19.12

Hello family and friends,

Thanks for all of the letters, it´s always good to hear how everything is going back home.   But, I am pretty BUMMED that the Lakers would do that to Derek Fisher. Ok, maybe he is getting old and can´t play like he used to be able to ...but don´t TRADE him...he could still come off the bench and be that`s pretty lame. Hopefully the Lakers can keep playing well. And congratulations to Coleman!! [Elder Madsen has been called to the Alabama-Birmingham mission, he leaves before Justin gets back].  I guess I`ll see you in 2 years then....crazy.

IMG_0284 (2)IMG_0290

Well, we did have changes today. I will be staying here in Puerta Grande, which is fine by me...I love the area. My new companion is Elder Jensen!! He is from the same MTC district as Elder Rowley, Green and Long and it will be his first change as a zone leader. Funny, he was actually in Cassandra`s ward at BYU before the mission. He`s a really good guy and I think we are gonna have a lot of success. He plays the piano like a name a song, he can play it. 3 changes left...can you believe it??? 18 weeks. Elder Jensen has 12 weeks`s going fast.


This last week with Elder Long, went well. We worked hard...BUT the streak of consecutive weeks baptizing was ended. We had a family of 3 that was looking very promising on Thursday, they were going to pray about the Book of Mormon and if they knew it was true they would have gotten baptized on Sunday....BUT, instead of asking God if it was true (James 1:5, Moroni 10:4) ...they asked the Jehovah`s Witnesses. Well, I`m sure you all know how that turned out. They promptly returned the Book of Mormon to us the next day. Good one. It`s really sad when people trust other men, instead of their feelings or God...they were SOOO close to the truth, but they didn’t trust in God. It was a little heartbreaking. But, we finished the change with 11 baptisms.  Huge blessings that we are extremely grateful for.


Well, thanks for everything. Love you and miss you all.

And this is my joy

Elder Peacock

P.S. I’m (Lisa) posting this after the 7.4 earthquake hit 200 miles southwest of Mexico City.  Thank you for the calls of concern!   It appears that no serious injuries were reported in Mexico City.   No news is good news, right?  We are confident he, and all of the missionaries, are fine:)  We hope that they are making themselves useful helping if anyone sustained damage in their areas.

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