Monday, October 10, 2011


Hey everyone,

So another week has gone by, it was a good one. Thanks for all the emails, as usual I love hearing news from home.  As for the Spanish dad...yeah I would say I understand about 95% at this point. I`m not saying this to brag, but I have gotten numerous comments on how well I speak Spanish.  I think the native speaking companions really do help with that because I haven’t had an American companion since the end of December.  I am still working on speaking like a true Chilango (person from Mexico City). They have a distinct way of speaking which almost everyone else in Mexico seems to hate haha. Although, the stupid rolling your r`s thing is still tripping me up.  As for Christmas...nothing big really. What does a missionary need? Save it for when I get home haha.

It is way more flat and relaxing here. Not as crazy as Chamapa and not near as many people. The houses are a little nicer too, not as poor. The church is very close to where we live which makes it way easier to bring people to church. The members here are also really cool and I`m really liking it here in Lerma so far. My companion is from Lima, Peru and has 16 months in the mission.  His name is Elder Laguna. We are getting along well, he likes to work and we are working well together. He does snore though, but luckily Dad made me pack like 10 pairs of ear plugs, which I haven’t used until thanks Dad. Elder Laguna kind of reminds me of Newman from Seinfeld. He has glasses, is short and husky, and I don’t know...he just reminds me of him. But he`s cool. In the picture of our baptism, just put glasses on him and maybe you’ll see what I mean.


As for the work, it went really well. We found 19 News this week!!! including 2 families of 5 that we are excited to work with. We also had a baptism which is always something special. I`m thinking that we can have a lot of success this change, and I am really excited. It is cold here though, it has rained almost every night so I`m usually pretty cold and wet going back to the house at night.  But it’s all good.  I`m a man.

In my district there is only one other companionship, so we only have 4 missionaries in the District. It makes it a lot easier though to focus in on the other Elders. I went on Exchanges with them this week. I stayed in with Elder Pineda in their area (Santiago) and taught with him and interviewed some people for baptism which was exciting and Elder Reynolds (from the district in the MTC) worked with Elder Laguna in our area. Their house is sweet...(see pics below). So I might be doing exchanges more often haha.



Umm but yeah that`s about it. I`m excited to be in this area and for the success that we are seeing. I love being a missionary. And I love you and miss you all!!

And this is my Joy (alma 29:9)

Elder Peacock

P.S.  We went and ate with a member WAY far away in our this farmland place...these pictures are from the front of the member’s house.


And, some couches a member offered to give us....we said we would be alright without them.


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