Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Little Southern Cooking

Hey Everyone!

So another week has gone by in Lerma, and it was a good one. More 5 weeks 1ron that later. But good to hear that everything is going good back home. Sorry about the tie game bryce, and Happy Birthday Tyler!!! That Nike sweatshirt is pretty sweet, not gonna lie. As for the names [for the puppy we’re getting in a few weeks, she’s on the right]. I have more Spanish ones...they are cooler than Sugar.

Bonbón (Bone BONE (accent on the end) - Marshmellow

Fresa (like it looks) - Strawberry

Sandía (San Dee A (accent on the [ee) - Watermelon

Mora – Berry

Reina (Rain-a) - Queen

Zorra (like Zorro but with A) - Fox (feminine)

Zorrita (Zorr - ee - ta) - Little Fox (feminine)

Miel (Me el) - Honey

Galleta (Guy yet a)- Cookie

Novia (no vee a) - Girlfriend (cuz she will be sparkys gf)

So those are some of the names that I came up with. Personally I like Zorrita. Little Fox. That is an awesome name. But It´s your decision Mom haha. 

IMG_0177So this past week we had zone conference which was pretty sweet. President is always the man and I always feel super pumped after he´s done talking. So we got out and got to work. The Lord blessed us with another 15 new investigators which was great. The only bad part was that it was Stake conference, which made it super hard to bring people to church because it was in the stake center (the church I used to go to in Metepec), which is about 40 minutes away. But we do have a lot of investigators to work with now. 

Also, I found out that there is a Nike Factory Store in my area. Umm Awesome. Just something I thought you would like to know haha. 


So yesterday, it was stake conference and we baptized a young man named Jorge. He had been going to church for a while with his girlfriend in another ward, and we got the reference and we taught him and baptized him this past week. Talk about somebody being prepared by the Lord. He told us straight up that he wanted to be a member of our church, he was just waiting for us to tell him when he could get baptized. Ummm....this weekend, we responded. There is no investigator more perfect than that. haha. He was very happy at his baptism, and got a lot of support from the family of his girlfriend. The baptismal service was sweet. Because it was stake conference, like 5 or 6 wards baptized at the same time, and we got that sweet pic of us all in white.


After stake conference we went to eat....and Oh my GOODNESS. It was amazing. The Sister served her mission in Atlanta Georgia so she learned how to cook AMERICAN food. Cordon Bleu, corn on the cob, spaghetti, bread, and salad. There wasn´t even a tortilla on the table! It kinda weirded me out at first. And then I knew something was up when she asked me if I wanted butter and salt for my corn on the cob....How did she know that?? I thought. In Mexico they eat their corn with mayonnaise, cheese, and chili powder (actually pretty good but different). NOBODY knows that it’s better with butter and salt. So I asked her how she knew I wanted butter and salt and she explained that she served her mission in the USA and after we had a good laugh as she explained how she couldn´t understand the southern accent for the longest time as she learned English. It was fun. Oh and for dessert....BROWNIES!! awesome haha. 

But yeah, it was a fantastic week. I hope to hear from you all again soon. I love you and miss you all but....

This is my joy (Alma 29:9)

Elder Peacock

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