Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Solid Week

Hello family and friends,

Thanks for all the emails!! It´s always great to open up my account and see that I have a lot of messages in the inbox. Good to see that everyone is doing well. Wish I could have been there in Yellowstone with the family. No joke, everyone looks a lot older. Kylie without braces, Bryce the same height as Mom, Tyler...pretty much the same just wearing my old Laker shirt so his style is better, Spencer with muscles etc........It´s gonna be crazy to see how much everyone has changed when I get back.  

As for the week, it was very solid you could say. Nothing crazy like last week. Just working hard. Finding, teaching and baptizing. Helping people come unto our Savior Jesus Christ. There isn`t anything better. 2 weeks ago I believe, I wrote you about a pretty cool experience I had, with a lady named Sara. She prayed and a little after we knocked on her door...and because she felt like we were an answer to her prayers, she listened to us. Well, she progressed very rapidly and she got baptized yesterday. It was a spiritually uplifting experience and it just reinforced my testimony that the Lord works through us and prepares the hearts of the people to receive His gospel. She was very happy, she and her family were smiling all Sunday. 


Elder Mora and I are getting a little bit closer...I feel like he`s starting to open up a little bit. But he is still pretty timid. Won´t try new foods really...and doesn`t eat a lot. Its almost scary how little he eats....I mean c`mon...who gets full after one serving??? haha. He is still pretty scared of dogs and of crossing the street. I`m thinking he might have experience with dogs like the ones Elder Spiker has to deal with...that lay traps and are extremely clever and sneaky (definitely did make my day mom*)...who knows. It rained pretty hard a couple of days this week...summer is the rainy season in Mexico.


That`s pretty much all for the week. I am so grateful for your love and support and for the opportunity I have to serve my Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ. I know that Jesus Christ died for our sins, and that if we follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ, His atoning sacrifice will save us and allow us to enter into the Kingdom of God with our families for all of eternity. 

And this is my joy. 

Love you and miss you all, 

Elder Peacock

*  Justin’s friend/BYU roommate (Elder Patrick Spiker, serving in the Argentina Salta mission)  wrote this week:  “There's a dog that lives next door that is not very nice to us. His name is pop-eye cause he's only got one eye. But even with that disadvantage he and three other dogs attack us daily. So I drill them with rocks or a solid kick,but they just get sneakier. The dogs here are like the velociraptors in jurassic park. They can open doors, lay traps, and get you when you least expect it. Very sneaky.”  His mom posted it on Facebook and I emailed it to Justin just because I thought he’d appreciate it.

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