Monday, August 29, 2011

September Around the Corner

[Lisa:  I had to clean this one up a lot—the keyboard he was using dropped most of the “e”’s out.]

Wow, can you believe its almost September?

We are moving from summer into fall...and the time seems like its going faster than ever.  Thanks for all the emails and th pictures...everyone is growing up!! I’m super jealous of Luke and Tyler [beginning BYU today] They are going to have a blast.  I can’t wait to here some experiences from the new Elder Peacock [cousin Jordan Peacock enters the Missionary Training Center on September 7th, bound for Puerto Rico]. And yes, Tyler, I have been keeping a journal, although I have been getting lazier and lazier with it as the mission goes on. I missed maybe one or two day the first 6 months of my mission ....but now I write in it about once a week. And haha, yes Grandma Nancy we do have quite a bit of rules as missionaries.  But, listen to the missionaries.  I promise you that if you do the things that thy invite you to do, it will change your life because you will be doing the things that Christ wants you to do. I have seen it time and time again here in Mexico.


And for the big news of the week:  I am now 5 pounds fatter because I got your box!!!!! I have made quite a dent in the junk food, it was great. But even better than eating cookies and milk daily topped off with Starbursts, was seeing all the pictures and reading the notes that everyone wrote me!! Thank you so much, those letters mean a lot to me. I have also gotten a lot of comments about my new ties...they are fresh!!   Good job to whoever picked them out.

This week we were able to have a baptismal service for two daughters of a family that is less active. They are named Erika and Alejandra. They are both really smart girls and their family was very happy that we were able to help them learn more and more about the Gospel and enter into the baptismal covenant with our Father in Heaven. The baptismal service was very spiritual.  The father of the two girls bore a really powerful testimony about the Gospel. He expressed that when we first started visiting them, he wanted his girls to wait a little bit before they were baptized so that they could learn more. He asked us in a lesson why they shouldn’t just wait.  I´ll be honest--I don’t really remember how we responded, but in his testimony the father expressed that when we responded he could feel the Spirit and he knew in that moment that God wanted them to be baptized even though he didn’t understand completely why. I know that if we follow the promptings of the Spirit we will ALWAYS choose the path that God wants us to follow. Whenever we feel it, follow it. It will not lead you astray.


As for the rest of the week, we had a couple of rough days. Not a lot of people home and not a lot of appointments. So we ended up knocking a LOT of doors. I think more than I have knocked in any other week of my mission. I can´t say that we had a whole lot of success either, but the Lord blessed us for our diligence and we were able to receive a referral for somebody that ended up going to church on Sunday and accepted a date for this Sunday for baptism. I know that when we show our diligence and our willingness to keep working and pushing even when its not fun, the Lord will help us and provide a way so that we can have success.

Love you and miss you all.

And this is my joy,

Elder Peacock

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