Monday, August 15, 2011

Off to DF

[This is Lisa…we have fallen into a ritual of sorts.  Jeff spends Sunday mornings on the computer, writing his email to Justin and adding tidbits throughout the day.  Justin has limited computer time so I’ve urged Jeff to stop when he hits 2 pages….!  On Mondays, I typically get my email done by noon, but almost never by 10am, since I know that Justin usually gets on the computer mid-late afternoon.  Today, for some reason, I felt like I should just sit down and write Justin’s email right away.  I was almost done with it at about 8:15 when I got a short email from Justin telling me he’d be early today.  Tender mercy?  Yes, I think so.]

Hey everyone,

I loved all the emails. And no dad, I am not 6 foot 4 now....everyone is just a little bit smaller here in Mexico. Everyone here always comments about how big I am...I always just think that I am about the same height as all of my other friends in school.   

As for the week. It went pretty well. I got sick a couple of times. Sick to the stomach....Monday night until Tuesday morning I was sick...I think due in large part to a new food I tried on  Monday....pig snout tacos....I didn’t want to try it but another Elder bought me one, so I had to eat it. Friday night I was also sick. Who knows why? But now I’m all good. Yesterday, my companion and I and the 2 other missionaries in the ward with us ate some super spicy chiles at our food appointment. We were dying. My face felt like it was going numb for a little bit and Elder Mora shed some tears haha.

As fas as the work goes, we had our baptism fall through, but we are having a lot of good things happen in our area. We have a lot of people progressing towards being baptized and coming closer to Christ. I think we’re going to have a lot of success in the next few weeks. Speaking of which, this is the last week of the change. But President Villareal said that I will be with Elder Mora for another change due to the new training program, so unless something weird happens I will be in Chamapa another 6 weeks. Also I complete 13 months on Sunday!! wow it’s going fast. It doesn’t seem like a months seemed I burned my shirt. Crazy.

And today, I am on the computer so early because we are going down to downtown DF with the zone to see what kind of cool cheap stolen fake stuff we can should be pretty sweet. 

I love being a missionary, and being involved in the work of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I love you and miss you all.

And this is my joy,

Elder Peacock

P.S.  Since May, we are baptizing more than any other mission in the world. We baptized 319, 267, 319 in May, June and July.  Since President Villareal got here, we are baptizing double what we were a year ago!!!!

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