Monday, January 31, 2011

Package Woes

We're learning on the package.  I got a call on Friday from the UPS Store that they will not deliver without a phone number.  I emailed Sister Villareal and she was sweet enough to send me phone numbers.  So, I called UPS back today with the phone number (so proud of my problem solving abilities!)  She took the phone number but said "...we were going to have a problem with the sugar."  Well, I had been told that when you send stuff, don't make it sound too good.  Since I was sending a sweater, some CDs, address labels and Valentines' candy (now look, I've gone and ruined the surprise!), I called it "yarn and sugar" for the customs form.  Apparently, Mexico doesn't like people sending "anything consumable".  AND, I get to pay AGAIN to have it shipped back.  I asked her $109 to get half way and then $109 to get back to me and still he doesn't get it?   Maybe they can keep it.  She said she didn’t know how much it would be to send it back. 

"Wow.  Is there a list posted somewhere of things I shouldn't send?"  She told me they also don't like things from China:  "Nothing consumable, nothing from China".  Hmmm.  Kinda random.  I'll try to work with it.  Not really convinced she's an expert so far.  She also told me that she tries never to send anything to Mexico which is kind of weird since she works in a shipping place.  And, as it turns out, the person I want to send stuff to is IN Mexico.  It limits my options.

Update:  Guess what?  Apparently, the sweater was made in China. (Yes, they had to open the package to determine that).   It will not go to Mexico.   However, UPS will happily mail it back to me for $71.   Let’s see, that’s:




Candy & Card-$17

Postage to date-$109

For a GRAND TOTAL = $163

+$71 to get the whole thing back where it started!

I think Justin will have to find a sweater in Mexico, eat Mexican candy, handwrite his return address, and sing to himself.  Happy Birthday to an International UPS worker-- hope he wears XL and likes Conversation Hearts.  I’m sure he needs it more than Justin does (can we write it off as a charitable donation?)  I know.  Let’s just call it a missionary experience…maybe he’ll listen to the CD’s, which are all hymns!!

As Grandpa Bruce says:

“You never stop paying for your education!”


  1. Having had a son on a mission in the Dominican Republic and now one in Oklahoma, I can tell you that the logistics are MUCH simpler with a stateside missionary. I hope he finally gets the package!

  2. Well, it is a good thing you opted for burning the cd's. At least you can give him that again at a later date! Sorry. I guess it is expensive to have a missionary!