Monday, February 6, 2012

DF…finally there.

Hey everyone,

Thanks for the letters...Yes, we did get trashbags haha, and cleaned all that up.

Can´t believe how fast the time is going.

Ok, so, another transfer came and flew by. Elder Green and I had a blast together. We got along great...a lot in common. But, we didn´t have a ton of success. We struggled a little bit and didn´t have the type of success that we wanted to have. We worked hard, but sometimes that´s just how it happens.  We didn´t like it though. Saturday night I received the news that I would be changing areas. I am now in Puerta Grande (Big Door in English) in the zone/stake of Tacubaya. I will still be serving as a zone leader, and my new companion is named Elder Long. He is from Sandy, Utah and has the same amount of time in the mission as Elder Green and Elder Rowley (my last 2 companions). He seems cool and we should have a fun change together. The zone of Tacubaya is all in DF. Zocalo (the downtown of DF where I have those pictures, with the huge Catholic church) is in our zone. There are a couple of rich areas...but most of them are pretty poor, mine being one of them (at least from what I can tell right now). It reminds me a little bit of Chamapa, where I was before. A lot of people have said that Puerta Grande is the best area in all of the mission and that Tacubaya is the best zone. It has a lot of fun stuff to do and it usually baptizes a lot of people.  So, I am super excited to finally be in DF and be in an area where we can see a ton of success. It should be a great change.

Just yesterday, I said goodbye to a few missionaries that are going home on Wednesday. They looked a little bit in shock, and its weird to think that they are going home. Both of them are some of my old zone leaders and one of them was the AP for a while. It´s crazy how fast the time goes. I was forced to ask myself, will I be ready to go home?   I don’t think that I will be. It will be hard and everything goes by just so fast. I only have 4 transfers left...I will probably only have one more area after this one. I just want to lose myself in the work for this little time I have left and ¨leave it all on the field¨ so I go home with no regrets.

I love being a missionary, and this is my joy.

I miss you and love you all.

I´ll send pics next week!

Love, Elder Peacock

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