Monday, January 9, 2012

Dia de los Reyes

Hey everyone,

Good to hear from everyone, sounds like everything is going great in the SCV.

This past week went well. The holidays are finally over...I love them when I`m not a missionary...but they are not the most fruitful times on the mission for sure. The 6th of January it was what is called the Dia de los Reyes..which would be translated as the Day of the Wisemen. Kids here pretty much get 2 Christmas. They get presents on the 25th of December, and then on the 6th of January when the wisemen come in the night and give them presents as well.


There is also the tradition to eat this bread (see picture). That is really good. Its kind of like cake but it still classifies as bread I think...the funny part of it is that there is a little plastic doll hidden in the bread...and if you get the piece with the doll in it you have to but tamales for everyone there. Elder Green and I soon found out that they put like 5 dolls in pretty much everyone ends up buying tamales haha.


As far as the work goes, we did a lot of knocking doors this week. These last 2 weeks we have been finding a lot of news (12 and 14), but we are just going through them like crazy. They are just not progressing. They don`t want anything or they just hide in their houses when we come back from our return appointment. Just tell us you don`t want anything, don`t just hide in your house and waste our time. Most of the time we KNOW that they’re home but they just hide until we finally give up and go away.

As we were knocking doors on Saturday, I got the best picture ever. Here in Mexico, there are people that go around with handcarts and shout ¨basuuuuuuura¨ (trash) really loud so that people bring their trash out and pay the guy with the handcart to take it. We saw a guy doing that with his handcart and we noticed that there was a baby in his handcart....haha. It was either his baby that he brought with him to work or someone threw their baby away...hahha...either way that baby is in for a fun life. Elder Green and I had a good laugh about it.

IMG_0093 IMG_0092

However, despite the endless knocking of doors, we did find someone that went to church with us (in a suit!!), and he looks to be progressing I guess it wasn`t a total waste.

I love you guys and I miss you.

Hope you have a great week....I know that this is God`s work.

And this is my joy,

Elder Peacock

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