Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shoe Tracker

Justin’s missionary shoes came with a 2 year guarantee.  One hitch.  They don’t mail internationally, so it’s up to me to now figure out how to get his new shoes to him.

We had luck with a flat rate package through the good ol’ US postal service, so I’ll try that again and hope my luck holds out.  Justin said it wasn’t even opened as opposed to UPS.  The big debate is whether or not to send one shoe at a time to make it less attractive to steal.  Course, if he only gets one shoe and the other one never comes…well, not much good in that.

And.  Remember that thing about “nothing made in China?”  Well, of course, the shoe box is clearly marked “made in China”, as are the insides of the shoes.  Out goes the box, but the shoes?  Maybe a little redacting is in order?

Cross your fingers.  Shoe #1 hits the truck today.  Shoe #2 to follow in 2 days.  I’ll let you know!  *Lisa

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