Monday, December 20, 2010

Phonecall from Elder Burbidge

Wednesday morning I got a call from an unknown caller in the 801 area code…

Could it be?


A call from my missionary telling me he has his Visa…?


Next best thing, though.

Elder Burbidge and his wife are serving as a senior missionary couple in the Salt Lake Mission and as you can see from Justin’s letters, they clothe and feed the missionaries as necessary.

He called me to tell me how wonderful my son is.  Always time in my day to hear about that!

He said that since Elder Coulston has been transferred, Justin will be “the guy” for the little Spanish branch they serve in…he’ll make sure the Sacrament Meeting speakers are set and do translations, etc. etc.  He said he thought Justin is a little nervous about this new responsibility but Elder Burbidge knows he is totally ready for it and will do great.

When I said that Justin is afraid his language is not progressing as quickly as he’d hoped and that he is really stymied by the rolling R’s which apparently he is genetically incapable of, Elder Burbidge pooh-poohed the whole thing.  He said Justin has the language down and that he is too tough on himself.  He also said that he works hard and is very generous.  Music to a mother’s ears. 

Now David Burbidge is my new best friend too!

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