Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1st Confirmation….en Espanol

Hey everyone,

Another week has gone by here in Salt Lake and the work continues to be great. This past weekend Carlos and Marisela were baptized. Just a little reminder in case you forgot, they were married on the first and we met them a week before that. When we met them they wanted nothing to do with getting married or baptized, but after just a week, the spirit seemed to soften their hearts and they were married. Two days after their wedding, we were able to put them both on date for the 16th of October. And then, after finishing teaching them the lessons and building their testimonies some more, they were baptized on Saturday.  They really are great people and the Spanish Branch here has already grown to love them as well. 

IMG_0970 Baptism of Carlos and Marisela (the girl smiling is Karen, the other is Rosita and the other lady is a grandma of the family)

So, after their baptism on Saturday, as is the norm, they were confirmed in church on Sunday. However, due to a complication in her work schedule Marisela couldn't make it to the Spanish branch at 1:00. We got the Stake President's permission to confirm her in an English ward at 11. So, on Sunday, we arrived at the 11 o'clock ward, and as I entered the chapel, one of the other Spanish Elders informed me I would be doing the confirmation. I kinda looked at him and was like "yeah okaaaay" haha thinking that there was no way I would do it, since I know very little Spanish and have only been in the mission field for 3 and a half weeks. The Elder then told me again that I would be doing it, he had asked Marisela who she wanted to do the confirmation...and she had said that she wanted me to do it. Wow was I nervous, let me tell you. I went over with my companions the things I had to say, and during the whole opening hymn in Sacrament meeting I was just thinking about what I would say. I was a little comforted in the fact that we were in an English ward, so only the people there from the Spanish branch would understand what I was saying and wouldn't be able to tell if my Spanish was bad or not. As the hymn ended, I said a little prayer, just asking Heavenly Father to help me out and put into my mind the things that I needed to say during the Confirmation, and also that I was very grateful for this opportunity. As I said my prayer, I felt comforted, knowing that I would be led by the Spirit. I went up, we placed our hands on Marisela's head, and I did it. I confirmed her a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and confirmed upon her the gift of the Holy Ghost. The words, truthfully, just seemed to come to me and I was able to express everything I wanted to. Right after we said Amen, Elder Coulston patted me on the back and whispered "Fantastic." We then said goodbye to Marisela as she left for work, with tears in her eyes. As I returned to Sacrament meeting, I said another little prayer, this time thanking my Heavenly Father for allowing me to be a tool in his hands. Because really, I know better than to think that my Spanish is that good, Through the spirit, in that moment, the Lord was working through me. No doubt about it. 

Carlos and Marisela and their two daughters Karen and Rosita are doing great. We attended a family night with them on Monday, with two other families in the ward were there as well. They are making friends in the ward and you can just tell how happy they are. We don't just teach it because it sounds good, we teach it because it really is true...This gospel blesses Families. Because Carlos and Marisela have chosen to follow the example of Jesus Christ and align their lives with his teachings, their family is being blessed and is so much happier than they were just 4 weeks ago. Another great testimony to me about how great this Gospel is. 

Ok, so we also continue to teach Felix and Sandra. They are still solid and still on date for Friday. They will be married, and then right after they will be baptized. They both are solid in their testimonies and both have expressed to us that they know that the gospel is true, so we are very excited for them. The Lord also continues to bless us with more work. In the last week we have found two more couples that want to get married. We are working with them to hopefully get them married next week. And as I have learned, when we help people get married, they get baptized about 95% of the time. They see that what we teach about families are true, and they see the blessings in their life from marriage, and then we simply show them how they can get even more blessings in their lives and live with their families forever. That's exactly what happened with Carlos and Marisela. 


Hmm, so I think I've pretty much covered everything. I continue to love my companions and the work. We work hard and I am wiped out by 10:30 when I go to sleep, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

IMG_0974 IMG_0975

Also I continue to be spoiled by members here, we had someone stop on the side of the road and give us double cheeseburgers and fries from McDonalds at like 4:45 while we were tracting. As a result of all the members here taking such good care of me, I'm also probably getting a little fat, but it's ok. From what I have heard I will lose it all in Mexico.

I love being a missionary and this really is my joy. 

Have a great week everyone!!

Elder Peacock

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