Saturday, July 31, 2010


We held a *little* open house on July 10th.  This date also happened to be Bryce’s 13th birthday and he was a little put out to have his birthday (which fell on a Saturday, that doesn’t happen very often!) taken over by Justin, but we soothed the hurt with a celebration the day before.

DSC_0099 We had a yummy taco bar.  Kylie posing here, making good use of the sombrero, which you will see in several more pictures!)


Grandma Joyce and the McGill cousins made the trek from Utah


Jeff with Aunt Michelle, Grandma Nancy and Grandpa George, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Denice and Great Aunt Marie


The Grandpas


That’s my boy:)


Had to include this picture of Bryce and Daniel.  This is how they party!


Justin with lots of friends, obviously professional posers:) Check out the moon.

 sombrero 2

Unfortunately, I neglected to pick up my camera for most of the party, but thank you for all of you that came!  It was so fun!


Since he can’t take weights with him to Mexico, he’ll have to improvise in order to complete his workout.  Here he is working off his tacos by bench-pressing cousin Zack.  The McGills run a little, um, slimmer than the California Peacocks do…making Zack the perfect substitution for barbells. You can see Bryce in the background spotting for Justin (haha).

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  1. it's so fun to see all of these posts! I'm glad you're doing this awesome blog for justin :) Hope he's doing well. We had a fun time with you guys in Cali! Tell the fam hi for me.. I'll check back up soon for updates on the blog:)